4 Smart Tips for Influencer Marketing on YouTube

An important question that all companies should ask themselves is how to best market their brands. Getting attention from the right target group is easier said than done and being unique is even harder. As blogging grows in popularity, videoblogging has gotten increasingly more popular as well. Blogs and other types of social media have become a normal part of people's everyday lives, and social videos sites like YouTube have created the opportunity to blog in a completely new fashion. This new channel is called Vlogging!

Vlogging is becoming more common as a marketing channel, and many studies have shown that videos are one of the easiest ways for companies to engage consumers. According to many marketers, vlogging is something all companies should focus on!

Beatly has taken part of an article written by Adam Hendle where he examines how you and your company should approach influencer marketing on YouTube.

1. Relevancy

The most important part of word-of-mouth marketing is finding the right influencer for your brand. This is often achieved by finding a person that’s already using your brand since they can sell it in a more natural way through videos. The last thing you want is for video posts to feel fake and unnatural. Therefore we suggest that you find influencers that love your products and can sell them to their followers while being themselves.

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2. Don't Hire Based on Numbers of Followers

Hendler also speaks about the importance of using influencers that fit the brand. When you hire an influencer for a campaign, you want to focus on that person’s ability to reach your target group, not just a lot of random users. The problem is that many companies focus on the total amount of views when it really doesn’t matter unless the viewers are potential clients!

3. Measure Results with Your Own Link

The easiest way to follow the progress of a campaign is to use a tracking link for each influencer. A tracking link is a link that directs back to your website, store or blog and gives you information about which influencers directed the most consumers back to your source. It’s an effective way for companies to keep track of results! This is a great tip that you should apply to all of your campaigns.

4. Write Captivating Headlines

Always use captivating and interesting names for the videos. It has to be something that represents your company but also reflects the influencer in a natural way. It doesn’t necessarily mean that the company’s name has to be in the headline. Instead, focus on reaching the right people. It often feels pushy and fake when a company’s name is forced into a headline, and it makes the video feel too much like a commercial. Remember that the video should feel like a recommendation from the influencer, not an ad created by you.

Vlogging can be used to create conversations between the blogger and the viewer, and users tend to feel a more personal relationship with influencers that use videos. This relationship creates higher engagement. According to Hendle, many consumers go to YouTube in order to find product recommendations and tips. Hendle also claims that people who are looking to buy a product are very eager to listen to other people’s reviews.

Humans tend to collect recommendations for products from people that we are close to or look up to. When this isn’t possible, we turn to YouTube.

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Photo by Kaique Rocha from Pexels