6 Mistakes To Avoid During Your Influencer Marketing Campaigns

The Most Common Mistakes in Influencer Marketing

It is important that you are aware of every little detail evolving your campaigns when you’re working with influencer marketing. Obviously, it can have devastating effects on your conversion rates if you don’t pay attention to something that needs your attention. Below you can read more about a few good points to follow during your campaigns, consider them “Beatly’s 6 Commandments.”

Linking without tracking.

It’s not a very good idea to run linking campaigns without using traceable links from Bit.ly or a similar service. Without this type of link, you won't be able to see how much traffic different influencers are driving, which means you can’t evaluate which ones were worth your investment.

Wrong influencer.

The most common mistake in influencer marketing is brands that end up working with the wrong influencers. Often, people get stuck only focusing on reach and numbers of followers, even though other factors such as engagement, relevancy, conversion rates, etc. is much more important. It is also crucial to use an influencer that has followers from your intended target group. Let us say you have a product aimed at the German market. Then you shouldn’t use an international influencer but rather one that has a connection to and followers from Germany. Same goes for a campaign aimed at the Swedish market: Find and influencer that can engage Swedish consumers.

Short term collaborations.

We suggest you follow a sales technique called AIDA (awareness, interest, desire, and action), which can easily be implemented on social media. By doing so, you will have to run more campaigns using the same profile. The reason for this is that you rarely have the opportunity to offer everything you need in one single post. It’s also easier to attract sellers with several posts. The idea is that several posts following the same theme create more trust with eventually leads to better conversion. In other words, try to focus on long-term relations with influencers.

Competitions can attract followers to a profile with bad upkeeping.

If you're looking to attract followers to your own channels and want to use influencers to help you? Then we recommend that you make sure that the profile is well-kept, organized, and full of content that your intended target group is looking for. This needs to be done before you start a campaign. Develop a clear strategy and apply it to all your social media.

Wrong approach.

Brands that only uses influencers as ad space has the wrong idea of the purpose of this type of marketing. It’s important to build and nourish good relationships which takes a lot of time and effort. Also, don’t assume that everyone wants to work with your brand.

Let the influencer test your products before they decide to work with you.

Influencers are supposed to only work with brands that they like and trust. Because of this, we suggest that you let possible influencers try the product they are selling before you start the campaign. It is much easier for an influencer to recommend a product that they actually like and would use, then for them trying to fake it.

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