6 Reasons You Should Use Beatly for Your Next Social Media Campaign

Are you looking for an influencer marketing agency to help you with your next campaign? Has your marketing team gotten lost in the jungle of social media influencing? Then look no further. Beatly is your go-to solution for anything revolving marketing on Instagram, and we have the facts to prove it.

Here are the 6 most important reasons why you should let Beatly be in charge of your next social media campaign.

1. You Can Rely On Us and Our Proven Track Record

Beatly has been around for several years and has a proven track-record from several markets around the world. Whether you want to run a campaign to promote a food product, a fashion brand, or you're interested in selling your latest application, or anything else, we can help you. And as mentioned, we can provide you with examples of how other similar campaigns have performed. In fact, our whole system is based on and optimized from previous campaigns.

Our point is that we have run a wide range of successful campaigns and are confident that we will exceed your expectations as well.

2. You Will Be Matched With the Perfect Influencers

Not only can we prove that we can provide the results you’re looking for, but all of our influencers have their own track records of successful campaigns. For each campaign you want to run through us, we’ll provide you with a list of high performing influencers that match your brand, and with the help of our team, you get to pick the ones you think are best suited for you.

In other words, when using Beatly, you will only work with the best influencers out there.

3. Our Automated System Will Make the Process Fail-Safe For You

We have developed one of the most effective automated systems in the world which makes the process of finding, hiring, activating, and finishing a social media influencer campaign easier than ever before. If you provide us with your brand, product, and goal, we’ll make sure everything else falls into place. And you won’t have to waste time on all the associated paperwork since contracts and payments can be done through us.

4. You Will Get Access to Our Highly Skilled Team

In addition to our professional influencers, you will be supported by a team of highly skilled professionals through each step of the process. Our team comes from different industries and stages of life but what we all have in common is a burning passion for social media influencing. You can also choose how much help you need on the way, and you can always

feel comfortable that our team is there to help you when needed.

5. Your Campaigns Will Be Optimized

We mentioned that your campaigns will be planned and optimized based on other successful campaigns, but what we didn’t mention is that your campaigns will be optimized based on your own results as well. Data from each campaign is collected so that we can make all your amazing campaigns even better as we move forward. It’s like the gift that keeps on giving.

6. Working With the Best in the Business

All things considered, we provide one of the most comprehensive and best social media marketing services in the world. The days of tedious market research, evaluating influencers, contract submissions, payments, and after work are long gone. Our automated system, professional influencers, experienced influencer team, and tested product will make sure that you achieve the goals you expect and more. It’s really as simple as that.


Do you want to get in touch with us? Feel free to contact us at team@beatly.com and we will help you with your influencer marketing, from start to finish.