6 Tips to Help Companies Boost Engagement on Social Media

It only takes a quick glance to understand why Instagram is such an important channel today.

The network has more than 400 million users with 2 billion likes every day, and it’s undoubtedly the most important social media today. Because of this, you need to be active on it.

Generally speaking, a post on Instagram gets 15 times more engagement than the same post on Facebook and 40 times more than on Twitter. Wow!

It is always fun to share pictures, but is it as fun if your content isn’t reaching a big audience? Many users share pictures every day but when they don’t get any new followers they lose their motivation and stop. In order to help you avoid this, we have collected the 6 best tips on how to succeed on Instagram - both long and short-term!

Share pictures that are relevant to your target group

The purpose of this is to publish your post, targeting the audiences that you want to attract. Who are they? What do they like? It is always important to keep the quality of the content high, with good lighting and variation - but at the same time with a common theme throughout your feed.

Hashtags are easy to use and ensure the pictures are seen

This tip is easy and very efficient: Does the channel have a common theme throughout then you are also supposed to use similar and relevant hashtags for each publish. This improves the possibility of getting new followers quite significantly. Users often search on hashtags to find inspiration, researching trends and news. 

Schedule your posts

Lategramme is a good tool that facilitates the scheduling of your publishings. The app is easy to use and saves time for those who want to publish with regular intervals (which is recommended). Posting pictures with continuity is the key to making your account grow!

What is the best day to post?

The question that is always under debate. Sundays is the day that has the least postings, even though many people have their day off and are active on Instagram. Posting on Sundays therefore improves the chances of getting attention as your picture doesn't disappear among the many postings. 

Branded #hashtags

Creating a branded hashtags isn't that difficult and can create a buzz to your brand and engagement on social media. The hashtag is supposed to be short and easy to use. If we look at GoPros Instagram account, we can quickly see that they have accomplished their use of hashtags. They have easily established that their followers should use #GoProSnow, #GoProMusic or #GoProGolf - as a way of clustering the different environments. This creates a community and will give user-generated content which is republishable. 

Be active and communicate with your followers

To boost your engagement and building a relationship between your followers and your brand, it is important to have a high level of social media presence and establishing a way to communicate with them. Take your time to comment and like the pictures that belongs to your audience and your followers. It is highly effective and will build a relationship with the parties involved, leading to a higher engagement. 

A Quick Checklist:

✓ Relevant and high-quality images

✓ Use hashtags relevant to your target group

✓ Publish content regularly

✓ Publish on Sundays

✓ Be active! Like and comment on other user’s pictures. You can create engagement by asking questions in the comments.

If you have any questions or want helo with getting your influencer marketing started, feel free to contact us at team@beatly.com

Header by Bich Tran from Pexels