Are Companies Wasting Money on the Wrong Kind of Content?

Creating new content can cost companies a lot of money. Getting one single picture often requires a team of stylist, assistants, a photographer, models, and probably a studio or another space to take the picture in. Then you will have to pay for trips to beautiful destinations that fit the campaign. The list quickly grows and so does the expenses.

Another issue is that companies need 10 times the amount of content today meaning they have to spend more money than ever before. Few companies have a marketing budget that fits these needs and often times they end up in an impossible situation. Unfortunately, this tends to result in content that is lacking in creativity and quality meaning companies either have to run campaigns that aren’t as good as they should be or not run the campaigns at all.

The Impossible Equation

Generally speaking, companies spend 10% of their marketing budgets on tools that help create good content, then they spend 90% of the budget on marketing that same content. Most of the time this results in the company distributing plenty of material to the target group, but since the content isn’t of high enough quality the results are bleak.

We constantly find companies that marketing content that leaves no imprint on the consumers. in many cases, bad content even hurts their image and the brand instead of helping it. It’s of utmost importance, that every company figure out what content works with their target group and then create more of that kind of content. Naturally, this is an aspect that’s ever-changing since the target group evolves and things like trends affect how people spend their money. It’s easy to get stuck in using the same material over and over just because it worked once but that’s a dangerous pattern. Good content is ever-changing and you have to be alert and adaptable.

Influencers as Content Creators

We often talk about the benefits of using influencers since they tend to be creative, inspiring and cheaper content creators. They are true professionals in their field and most of the time they provide a complete product from pictures to styling and text. Influencers are smart and they always make sure to take several pictures for different posts if they book a studio or travel somewhere exotic. That way, they optimize their efficiency while also lowering the costs.

Influencers are not only a smart economic investment that cuts the cost of content, they are also in charge of the complete creative process. They tend to have a close relationship with their followers and get instant and direct feedback on all their content. No one knows better what works for the specific target group than an influencer, which makes them a very reliable investment. A company should, of course, offer guidelines to make sure that the message is clear and the influencer knows exactly what you’re selling. That being said, taking a step back and letting the influencer do what they do best will benefit the campaign tremendously.

Influencers have often worked with their followers for many years, they know each other well and followers look up to the influencers and his or her lifestyle. For a brand to be seen in this type of environment is extremely beneficial and it makes sure that the product is marketed through a different concept than regular marketing. A new study made by Maverick compared the user engagement of a regular Facebook post with paid Facebook ads. The result showed that a regular post had upwards of 7 times the engagement compared to a regular ad. Not really a surprise to anyone that consumers are getting sick of ads but interesting to know that some are still open to it in the right circumstances. Let’s try and learn from this.

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Header by Sebastian Voortman from Pexels