Beatly and Björn Borg Takes Action Against Racism

Today is March 21 which happens to be the United Nation’s official day against racial discrimination. Björn Borg has decided to bring awareness to the very important subject by praising human rights and equality in a new major campaign. Beatly is helping the brand on social media with colorful personalities such as the Swedish artist Linda Pira and the Swedish fashion and lifestyle blogger Ebba Zingmark.

“It’s time we acknowledge colors”, says Björn Borg’s PR manager Pernilla Johansson. Today their new collection “The Skin Collection” is being released in honor of March 21. The collection consists of underwear in six colors that have all been taken from the Fitzpatrick scale in order for them to better match actual skin colors.

We here at Beatly are always excited to work with Björn Borg and are taking part of this unique campaign by engaging bloggers and having social media influencers spread the word through their social medias.

See pictures from the campaign below and visit the campaign site to purchase!

Two images of a man and a women with dark skin