Beatly reaches 100 million

New achievements, new goals!

It's time for a BIG update from Beatly. Since start, we've optimized towards scale and a smooth flow through campaigns for both influencers and marketers. We've reached a big milestone in terms of reach through our systems.

In early September we achieved a reach of 100 000 000 in campaigns through the platform. This achievement is something we value highly as this proves both efficiency and our ability to continue to serve both sides of the market in a scalable way.

This reach is spread out on 12 geographical markets and over multiple segments. Without a solid team, highly efficient matching process that not only take quantitative numbers into account but also weigh in the qualitative aspect of what is a good match, this milestone would be hard to achieve.

We are really looking forward to next year's milestones and will continue to work hard to serve influencers and marketers best way possible.

Beatly continues to expand the team and we are actively looking for solid teammates that has experience within media sales. Feel free to send us your CV and cover letter to team@beatly.com, we will gladly take a look at it and reach out to you!