Four Tips On How To Maximize Your Marketing

The impact traditional marketing has on consumers is becoming less and less every day. In a time where every other person is using an ad blocker and consumers are getting more and more skeptical of advertisements, marketers need to find new solutions and strategies.

Content marketing is the hottest trend right now, and there is no one that doubts how powerful it can be. But what is content marketing and how do you succeed at it?

What Is Content Marketing?

Generally speaking, content marketing is a type of marketing where a brand shares relevant content with their target group instead of pitching specific products. For example, imagine how you could switch a classic toothbrush commercial on TV to a blog post from a blogger that tests and reviews the product and tells their followers about the experience. It’s simple and effective.

Time and money tend to limit companies marketing efforts, but by following our tips, you can optimize your strategy and get more back for every dollar you spend.

You don’t have to spend more money, you just need to spend your money more wisely.

Do More With Less

It’s easy to assume that it’s always good to have a lot of content. However, the issue is that a lot of content puts pressure on the people that create the content and it also creates unnecessary spending. According to the Content Marketing Institute, 27 million content posts are shared every single day. So how do you avoid drowning in a sea of new content?

You should strive to only publish good and well thought out content in the highest quality possible. If you don’t have great content, you need to be honest with yourself and start over. Don’t waste money and time on sharing content that’s only decent or at worst, bad. In the end, it just won’t be worth it. Also, don’t forget that the content you share needs to offer your target group some form of value. Your goal is to make an impact.

Are you not sure where you should start? Hand the process over to influencers and let them do what they do best - create content!

Define Your Target Group and The Questions They Need Answers To

To succeed with your marketing, you need to know your target group. In order to do so, you have to define their persona and what their consumer journey looks like - from the first impression to a purchased product. Try to find a few questions that your target group often asks and provide answers with a solution.

Begin with focusing on questions or issues that affect everyone in your target group. Then,

create amazing content that communicates how they can solve their problems and how you can help make their lives easier.

Define Your Metrics Before You Create and Launch Content

You need a plan of what you want to accomplish with the marketing. What are your specific goals for each campaign? It might very well be a mix of brand awareness, higher SEO rankings, increased sales, more traffic, etc. Define what it is you want and then create the content around those goals. Don’t forget to consider which channels are best suited to distribute your content and remember that this might change from campaign to campaign.

Optimize Distribution

It’s easy to get caught up in content creation even though you also need to focus on a distribution strategy that will help you reach your intended target group. Where is your target group? And what social media are they using?

By publishing good content on your own channels you can create a good personal following, but by using influencers, you will spread awareness to consumers that you can’t reach on your own. Because of this, you need to use the right influencer with the right following, and you can read more about that HERE. Don’t forget that different people are drawn to different social media platforms.

Content that has been well-prepared and executed in a strategic manner tends to make a good impact on the intended target group, something traditional marketing struggles to do. Spend the needed time to develop a good strategy and don’t be scared to test different ideas. It will be worth every dollar and hour spent as soon as you find your target group and can start marketing directly to them!

Do you have any questions or want help with optimizing your social media presence? Feel free to contact us at team@beatly.com, we have years of experience in influencer marketing and know how to reach new and targeted audiences using influencers.