Instagram - The Fastest Growing Social Media

Are you scrolling through Instagram without even thinking about it? Do you start Instagraming on your way to work? Maybe you take a peek during your half hour lunch? And then again during the last hour of work? Before you go to the gym. After the gym. In front of the TV. At the dinner table. After dinner… You’re not alone. Just a few weeks ago, Instagram reached 400 million users.

Instagram is growing

40% of internet users in Sweden have an Instagram account. That is a 28% increase from last year making Instagram the fastest growing social media platform after the mother of all social media, Facebook. Almost half of the Swedish users admit to using social media at least once a day and they spend upwards of 4 hours every week on social media according to a recent study done by IIS*.

In that same study, Instagram was named “The Rocket of The Year” and all statistics are predicting that the growth will continue. Globally, Instagram has 70 million users every day. Let us repeat that - 70 million users every day! That’s more than 8 times the population on Sweden and almost 10 New York Cities! Even though the numbers are huge, Facebook still leads in terms of total amount of users. However, if you look at actual engagement the situation provides us with different results. The correlation between companies and users on Facebook is today 0.2% compared to Instagram at 2,2%, which is much higher than all other social media platforms**.

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*.SE (Stiftelsen för internetinfrastruktur)** Forrester (https://www.forrester.com)