The Biggest Social Media Trends in 2019

2018 was an awesome year and Beatly is really excited what the new year will offer. We have listed the top 5 trends we think you should keep an eye on during 2019!

1. Influencer Marketing is Shape Shifting

During the last 12 months, we have witnessed social media marketing evolve in some rather interesting ways. Maybe the most remarkable change has been the rise of micro-influencers, and we can expect this particular market to explode in 2019. Consumers aren’t interested in what celebrities, actors, and other “traditional” influencers are selling anymore. Instead, they are seeking to be influenced by people they can relate to. They want to know what trends their peers are following. The rise of the Instagram stories is also proof of a shift in consumer interest. Consumers are expecting a more personal connection with influencers and brands, and well-executed images and content aren't enough anymore.

People want to peek “behind the scenes” and are more interested in raw, unedited content than ever before, and that is something micro-influencers is experts on!

2. User-Generated Content Will Be the New Norm

Another big part of the above-mentioned shift will be user-generated content. In fact, micro influencers and user-generated content go hand in hand. Today’s consumers are not as affected by regular sales techniques like previous generations were, and it’s forcing brands to think outside of the box. The days of massive campaigns with professional ads are long gone and in 2019 consumers will expect ads using other user’s content because it feels more authentic.

In a world of internet, smartphones, and electronics, consumers are searching for authenticity, and that’s something only micro influencers and user-generated content provide. It’s never been more important for brands to be able to reach their potential consumers on a personal level and there is nothing more personal than content created by other consumers.

3. “Oldfluencers” Will Become a Massive Hit

Oldfluencers is a new concept that has quickly become popular in the industry. As the name suggests, an oldfluencer is an influencer who is older than what we’re used to. At first, this trend might seem odd since most social media users are millennials and from Generation Z, however, old influencers are playing an important role in the ever-changing sphere of social media influencing. During the last couple of years, the number of older social media users has increased rapidly which in turn has provided brands with new opportunities. For example, there are two very prominent oldfluencers on the Swedish market called Lady Silver and The Urban Hippie Swe who are both paving the way for a new type of social media influencing.

Think about it, you probably have a grandparent or aunt who has a Facebook or Instagram account, and why wouldn’t they be interested in following influencers they can relate to?

4. Issues Revolving Fake Followers will Decrease

Throughout the years, fake followers and paid likes and comments have been a persistent issue that has plagued brands interested in social media marketing. Influencers has easily bought both likes and followers to improve their potential and trick both brands and consumers. But it's starting to get opposed in different ways, a combination of easy-to-use tools that can located fake followers and an increase awareness in the industry will make stop the fake influencers and fake engagement.

In fact, the number of fake followers and influencers paying for engagement is set to drastically drop in 2019, and no one is happier about this than us. Obviously, this means that the influencers that have already paid for followers will suffer from the consequences but for honest influencers and brands, this is amazing news. The year 2019 will be a year when social media and brands can stop wasting money on failing campaigns.

5. Data-Driven Influencer Marketing Will Become Essential for Brands

In order to run a successful influencer marketing campaign, one has to plan and execute the campaign based on data. Luckily, more and more brands are realizing this, and data-driven influencer marketing is slowly becoming the norm.

In the early stages of influencer marketing, both brands and influencers had to rely on trial and error to maximize their results. However, today, the market looks completely different, and by using data from previous campaigns, brands can optimize from the results that influencers have done, sign up the best one for next campaign and find new ones in the same nisch. To work like this with your influencer marketing campaign will help you maximize your ROI.

Final Words

If we have to summarize our predictions for social media trends in 2019 with one phrase it would be authenticity. Consumers are expecting brands to reach out to them directly with content that feels authentic and have a relationship with both influencers and the brand the are interesting in, marketing by celebrities is no longer interesting and to succeed with the own content on social media you need to user-generated content. Less filter and more honest caption!

Authenticity is in the other trends we see during 2019. It will not be possible to buy fake followers and get away with it. The industry is have more educated on how to screen influencers and now it also exists tools for the markets. To work data driven will show you which influencers that has the best followers for your product and it will be easy for you to optimize campaigns and maximize your ROI.

Do you want to get started with influencer marketing and reach new audiences? Feel free to contact us at team@beatly.com, as we have years of experience in the industry, we can provide you with the help that you need.

Header by Vinicius Wiesehofer from Pexels