Three Good Strategies for Reusing Influencer Content

Companies are spending more and more money on influencer marketing and the associated budgets keep growing. Most companies are, of course, very happy with the result they get but what more can one do to maximize the investment?

Influencers are amazing creators, photographers, stylists, and overall content creators. When brands work with influencers, a lot of amazing content is created and the goal is to use that content as much as possible. We have already done a post on how one can maximize the ROI for marketing strategies and this time we'll take that concept even further. You see, a good strategy you should consider is reusing the influencer content in new ways. Below we’ll talk about how to use influencer content in the best way possible.

How Do Other Companies Use Influencer Content?

Blogloving created a report on how companies use influencer content and we’ve put together a list of the three most used strategies.

  • 74% of the companies that participated in the study claim that they share their influencer content on their own social media. The benefits of doing this are many. Firstly, the content was created to be perfect for social media. Secondly, the influencer already knows your target group and developed the content based on what those people like so chances are the content will be a hit even on your channels. Because of this, companies that re-post influencer material can assume that the content will work again. Another good reason to repost material is to keep the association between your brand and the influencer alive. When an influencer works with a brand an automatic level of trust is created and by reposting their content you further establish that trust. It can be incredibly powerful!
  • 46% of the participating companies said they used the influencer content on their own websites to boost their sites with more great content. Today, most consumers are very sensitive when it comes to content that feels too pushy or too much like an advertisement, which is what companies own content tends to feel like. By using influencers content instead a company can create a more personal feeling. Similar to the first example, reusing influencer content on a website further helps to establish the association between a brand and the influencer.
  • 36% of the companies said they used influencer content for a paid advertisement on social media. Obviously, this is a great strategy to maximize the ROI for paid ads. Also, paid ads need to feel like a natural part of the user's social media feed, which influencer content tends to do.

There are other great ways to reuse great content, for example in newsletters, campaigns, or as inspirational images in a physical store. The possibilities are endless so try and be as creative as possible and see if you can reuse some material across several platforms. Just don’t forget to double check that the influencer is okay with you using their content.

Long live great content!

Photo by Max Andrey from Pexels