What Do Consumers Think of Influencer Marketing?

We have gotten used to finding sponsored ads in all our social media feeds on the regular. They help us finding tips in the jungle of products that are out there and we all hope to one day find the next life-changing product. But how do we actually feel about influencer marketing? The influencer platform Bloglovin’ wanted to find out a did a survey with 22,000 women in an attempt to evaluate there stand on the situation. In this post, we’ve collected the most important results from that survey.

The Positive Effects

54% of women admit that they’ve bought something because they saw an influencer recommending it. We look up to our followers and consider them role models; we want to be inspired by them and dream of living their lives. Because of this, there is a bridge between consumers and influencers and the products are what brings the followers closer to the influencer.

45% admit that they follow a company on social media only because they were recommended by an influencer. In addition, 30% of women also admit that they’ve started following an influencer after seeing them work with a company they like. That means influencer marketing can benefit both parties in terms of growth.

The Negative Effects

There are also traps to avoid. 61% admit that they don’t engage with posts that feel ingenuine. Most of us don’t want to buy from, like or comment on posts that aren’t authentic. The only reason we get inspired by influencers is that we admire their lifestyles so if the product isn’t matching that picture, the concept fails. It’s also important to find a balance. 37% of women have stopped following an influencer that posted to many paid posts. This type of behaviour damages credibility and makes the profil feel to much like a salesperson.

Influencer holding a lipstick and a small mirror trying to fix herself

Which platforms are best for sponsored posts? This is a question that’s constantly being evaluated by everyone and not everyone agrees on the answer. According to Bloglovin’, 22,000 women answered as follows. 57% of women say the engage with paid posts on Facebook, followed by 48% for Instagram. YouTube sees 24% of women engaged with paid post and further down on the list we find Snapchat with only 7%.

It’s obvious that influencers has a major impact on their followers. We are prone to listen and follow their recommendations and we have natural sense of trust for them. That being said, we are also smart and immediately notice when an influencer post to much content that we don’t like which always end up hurting both influencers and the involved brands. Our point is that it’s crucial to find the right influencer that has a following from your target group. Additionally, you need to create genuine and engaging content that has a lot of credibility.

Header by Daria Shevtsova from Pexels