Press release: Beatly opens up influencer audience data for everyone

To increase the knowledge and credibility of influencer marketing, Beatly now presents the influencer's target group data openly on its platform. The data shows the demographics of influencers' followers and the number of genuine followers, which makes it clear to companies which people they reach through a collaboration.

- The industry is still new and this is a big and important step towards our vision towards making it more open and transparent for everyone who works with influencers. By opening up our data, we hope to be able to facilitate and make many new companies dare to invest in Influencers also in the future, says Andreas Eliasson, CEO of Beatly.

Influencer marketing is an effective and today common channel for building a brand and arousing interest in products and services. At the same time, the lack of transparency in the industry is something that has been criticized and received much attention in certain individual cases.

AI exposes fake followers

Today, there are more than 2,800 Swedish influencers on the Beatles platform together with a larger number of global ones. They have previously integrated data and AI into their tools. So now they choose to show the followers' demographics and if the influencers have many fake followers completely open even to those who are not already customers.

Beatly themselves believes that the knowledge benefits both companies and influencers because it ensures better collaborations with a higher ROI on the campaigns.

- Influencers have different target groups and geographical spread among the followers and today many marketeers buy Influencer Marketing blindfolded. If you are a local company with a local target group, you want to know that the target group is there. This investment will put more pressure on the industry as a whole to become more transparent, says Andreas Eliasson.

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