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The social media landscape is changing every day with new features, platforms, buzzwords, and ways to reach your audience. I created this post to guide you through the different terminologies that are common in the Influencer Marketing space and hope you will enjoy it! 

Influencer: A social media-person that creates inspiring content for their followers and that does commercial collaborations with brands either as a professional or as a side-business to their everyday job. 

Content Marketing: Great content is more important than ever, and Content Marketing is about sharing, being relevant, posting, sponsoring interesting content in a digital way. It could be an interesting article or Influencer-made content as examples. 

Micro-Influencers: Smaller Influencers between 10-50K followers (the exact amount is not decided as it can be different per market). More brands are investing in micro-influencers as they are cheaper and sometimes have a closer relationship with their followers (=higher engagement). 

Nano-Influencers: This could be you. If you create and share a story on social media and for some reason, gain a following in social media. A typical explanation of a nano-influencer is someone with between 1K-10K followers. 

Macro-Influencers:  Larger Influencers normally between 100K-1M followers. These Influencers might have a very high impact on their followers, especially when they have a high amount of local followers. The problem is that these profiles often have agencies representing them with high demand from brands, which fast increases their prices for collaborations.

Some abbreviations that are good to know about:

CPE: Cost Per Engagement (Engagement is defined as likes+comments)
CPC: Cost Per Click
CTR: Click-Through Rate (clicks per impressions*100) a benchmark for how many clicks an influencer delivers.
CPP: Cost Per Post (Price/Number of Stories or Posts)
CPO/CPA: Cost Per Order/Action (Advertising Spend/Acquisition Action is defined by the company)
CPI: Cost Per Install (Apps)

Engagement: A benchmark for the % of the audience that engages with the Influencer or with your posts. Typically calculated by likes+Comments/Followers*100 on Instagram.

Swipe-up: When a link is typically added to an Instagram Story, which enables followers to "swipe up" with the thumb to visit a company's website direct. 

Branded Content: When Influencers use the Instagram tag “In Paid Collaboration With [your brand] to make sure they follow the rules of branded collaborations. 

Branded Content Ads: When you boost an Influencer’s post on social media. You basically buy more impressions on an Influencers post. More info here: link

Shares: When posting a lot of content an important thing to measure is if your content is interesting enough for someone to share it. Shares are powerful since you get to reach through someone else's channel and exposure to their audience. Getting lots of shares is an acknowledgment that you are really good with your content.

Pins/Saved posts: Accounts that save your content usually go through their pins/saved posts to share it or show it to someone else. It’s important to understand and follow up on what kind of posts your audience saves the most and if you can see any red threads.

Recommendation to get started: When starting to work with influencers, I usually recommend to consider Micro-influencers before Macro-influencers as they usually have a more local presence as well as their prices are cheaper (= lower risk). Try different types of categories and don’t put all your money on one type of Influencer. I usually recommend adding sponsorship rights to the agreement to increase the value of the content they produce, so that you can use it in your paid marketing activities on Instagram & Facebook. 

I hope the information in this post that will help you in your journey of creating a social media strategy for your brand and understanding. Please share this post if you liked it and send feedback or questions to me at viktor@beatly.com.

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